About Proto-Toran

The Great Creator, known to the Toran people as Raren, began by creating the vast cosmos. This includes the Sol system containing the planet Earth and the Kos system containing the planet Tor. He created many other planets and planetary systems, but according to the people of Earth, none have shown to harbor any signs of life. Hiltepop, the first Toran man, was created seven days later. He had asked Raren for a partner, for he was very lonely in the first day that he was alive. So, Raren then created Hiltepos, the first Toran woman. Through her, Raren conceived nine sons over the next ten years. In order of their birth, their names were: Kopupop, Runpop, Maxinpop, Koterupop, Noxinpop, Korelpop, Umielpop, Marupop, and Ruxinpop. As they grew up, Raren giften each son with a power of his own according to Raren's plan. Kopupop was able to control the element of Fire, Runpop the element of Water, Maxinpop the element of Light, Koterupop the element of Ice, Noxinpop the element of Lightning, Korelpop the element of Metal, Umielpop the element of Earth, Marupop the element of Air, and Ruxinpop the element of Shadow.

When he became 14 years old, Ruxinpop, the ninth son who was gifted the power of Shadow, decided for himself that he didn't want to follow the grand plan that Raren had for him of guarding the shadows. He was also to follow the lead of his eldest brother, Kopupop. He decided to blot out the sun to try and confuse them all and block Raren's view of Tor. However, he needed more power to be able to perform such a feat, so he decided to train in secret for two years. When he was sure he was able to do so, Ruxinpop then began his plan to defeat all of his brothers, his parents, and even Raren himself. Over the next three days, he attempted to kill Noxinpop, Marupop, and Umielpop. However, after Kopupop, the eldest brother, discovered Ruxinpop's plan, he banded the remaining eight brothers to thwart all three assassination attempts. Maxinpop was then able to use his powers in the Element of Light to bring light back to the sun and weaken Ruxinpop's powers. The eight brothers then, as an alliance between all of them, exiled Ruxinpop from the continent of Moranosa to the continent of Terasen.

Raren, becoming aware of what Ruxinpop had done, then condemned the people of Tor to a lifetime of hardship. Kopupop pleaded to Raren for a lighter punishment, and Raren conceded. Instead of the lifetime of hardship, Raren then made it so that the nine children of Hiltepos were unable to reproduce, however, their connection to the elements left them practically immortal. Hiltepos then had a child with Hiltepop named Hiltexatino. As time went on, the brothers eventually began to separate from each other and lead various Torans descended from Hiltepos and Hiltepop to the various different corners of the continent of Moranosa. In the beginning, they didn't manage to separate that much, as they had wanted to stay together. The Toran people began labeling themselves as tribes of the eight remaining brothers. They labeled themselves (with respect to the birth order of the eight remaining brothers) Kopupopomatu, Runpopomatu, Koterupopomatu, Maxinpopomatu, Koterupopomatu, Noxinpopomatu, Korelpopomatu, Umielpopomatu, and Marupopomatu.

Around the middle of the First Age (which Toran historians estimate to be about 100 to 150 years after Ruxinpop was exiled), the Toran people began to clump together, based on the land they could see far out in the distance that they had want to settle. The people of Kopupopomatu went south towards the warm climate. The people of Runpopomatu went west towards the western coastline. The people of Maxinpopomatu went northeast towards the aurora borealis. The people of Koterupopomatu went northwest towards the cold taiga. The people of Noxinpopomatu went southeast towards the Great Storm Valley. The people of Korelpopomatu went southwest, but south of the mountain range, where the ground was abundant with ore. The people of Umielpopomatu went southwest towards the mountain range that was there. The people of Marupopomatu went east where the winds swept away more than words.

It was at this point that the Torans wished to begin to chronicle their own history in a medium a bit more permanent than oral tradition. They were making their houses out of clay at the time, so they began to fashion slabs of clay while using their hands to inscribe the various glyphs. This writing system, however, did not get popularized until the end of the First Age (being roughly 500 years after Ruxinpop was exiled) when Proto-Moranosan was used on the continent.

During the time when the Moranosan tribes were being created, sects of each tribe were forming who agreed with Ruxinpop's ideaology. Around 50 years after Ruxinpop was exiled, these sects had attempted to rally together to bring the rest of the Toran people into submission. However, similar to Ruxinpop, they were quickly defeated and exiled to the continent of Terasen. One of these people (who grew up to be named Timpos for she was pure of heart) grew fond of Ruxinpop and he of her. They eventually had a child together. Now, there was a reason that Raren forbid the sons of Hiltepos from having children. Of course, they were to be punished for the acts of Ruxinpop, but there was another reason. Raren saw that the Toran people could possess evil in their hearts, so he did not want the power of the elements to be in control of evil hands. The power of the sons of Hiltepos was only rivaled by Raren himself, so he forbid those with the blood of Raren to have children. This did not stop Ruxinpop from having children, however. This is why those who control the Shadows are so powerful, for they possess the blood of Raren.

One day, Ruxinpop got up to meditate as he did every day as part of his morning routine. You see, Timpos had softened Ruxinpop's heart and quenched any kind of evil nature inside of him for she was pure of heart. He took to meditation and living off of the land. However, this day was different for this time he had felt a presence with him as he meditated. A foreign presence; not his parter, his children, nor the wildlife of Terasen, but a very foreign presence. As he opened his eyes, he learned that the Shadow Realm of the planet Tor was somehow linked to the Shadow Realm of the planet known as Earth. Many people know the Shadow Realm as The Dream Realm, however, it is simple a space outside of the known universe and outside of time. The people that were present there could not see him nor interact with him, and sometimes, they passed through him. After many years of meditating, he had found a way to interface with the Shadow Realm of the planet known as Earth. It took a lot of energy from him to do so and had to spend many months being burnt out once he tried to even touch something. But eventually, he did it. At this point, his wife had been pregnant with their twin sons at the time he first was able to pass into the other Shadow Realm without feinting. Eventually, his wife gave birth. However, he had quite the altercation regarding how to rule the Terasenian people with his wife and he eventually left her for planet Earth.

Timpos, at a loss for why Ruxinpop could have done this, decided that enough was enough. She took matters into her own hands and decided to lead the Terasenian people. They became a thriving nation and eventually, evolved their language over time into what is known as Old Terasenian. Many Toran linguists argue on the language status of Old Terasenian, for it does not have that many lexical changes from Proto-Toran. However, as they say on Earth, "A language is a dialect with an army and a navy," and the Terasenian people would definitely tell you that Old Terasenian was a language.

Toran Language Family


Consonants Bilabial Alveolar Velar Glottal
Nasal m n
Plosive p t k
Fricative s x h
Affricate t͡s
Lateral approximate l
Flap ɾ

Vowels Front Back
Close i u
Close-mid e o
Open a


Writing systems weren't invented until the middle of the First Age. Thusly, Proto-Toran does not have a writing system. However, the words in the lexicon are written in the Latin alphabet, with a few notes. The /ɾ/ phoneme is written as "r" and the /t͡s/ phoneme is written as "c." Everything else is written as its International Phonetic Alphabet character.

Proto-Toran Lexicon


The sentence structure of Proto-Toran is VSO (i.e. a sentence is comprised of a Verb, a Subject, and then one or more objects). However, the object portion of the sentence is a bit malleable because of case marking.

Grammar Tables

Verb Conjugations

PRESPresent Tense
PRESPresent Tense
NPRESNon-Present Tense
NPRESNon-Present Tense
1P1st Person
2P2nd Person
3P3rd Person

Proper Noun/Pronoun/Noun Declensions

NOMNominative Case
ACCAccusative Case
DATDative Case
GENGenitive Case
LOCLocative Case

Adjective/Determiner Declensions